Meet the Team

Loryn Smith, MSW, Keynote Speaker

Our keynote speaker, Loryn Smith, founder of Finally Home Christian Adoption Services, is the mother of 20 children, a social worker, family coach and sought after speaker for her personal as well as professional experience. Loryn and her husband Thad have fostered over a hundred children over nearly 25 years.  Loryn is also a TBRI (Trust Based Relational Intervention) Practitioner and trained directly under Dr. Karyn Purvis at Texas Christian University. Loryn delivers passion, energy, encouragement and support with practical ways to reduce stress in your home and find healthy and effective methods in working with children from hard places.

Dawn Shreeve Co-Founder, Seas the Connection

Dawn is an adoptive mother of four special needs kiddos; long-time educator, aspiring professional cat cuddler, and lover of all things adoption. An adoptive conference frequent flyer, she thought that bringing adoptive mamas to the beach was the perfect atmosphere in which to relax and connect with other mamas who “get it”.

Dawn is trained in TBRI (Trust Based Relational Intervention) and works with families and teachers to better understand trauma based behaviors and help kids from hard places find their voice.

A recent Ruskin transplant, Dawn fell in love with Little Harbor and recruited her good friend Sindy Ost, a fellow China and Domestic mom, to bring her sales/marketing expertise and passion together for the perfect blend of rest, education and connection for some of the world’s most dedicated moms!

Dawn and her husband Michael parent Tabetha 8.5, Domestic (born 12 weeks premature with various sensory issues); Fabian, 8.5,  Ecuador (cleft lip/palate and amniotic band syndrome); Ayina, 6, China (Spina Bifida) and Easten, 5 China (Osteogenesis Imperfecta and Arthrogryposis).

Sindy Ost: A Co-Founder Of Seas The Connection.

I’ve been married to my best friend Kelly for almost fifteen years and we have four children three adopted from China and one domestically. I’ve also struggled with infertility and that has resulted in two pregnancy losses. Our first adoption journey started 14 years ago.

Our family also has a love for dogs and since we’ve been married we’ve added three. Sassie’s 14, Maggie’s 9 and our little boy Hawkeye is 4.

I had a very successful career at American Express and when we chose to start the adoption process I became a full time mother. My children have never experienced having a mom working outside the home. During the time they’ve been in school this allowed me to help in areas where I’m very passionate about. I run several adoption support groups, I’ve done many fundraisers for families upcoming adoptions, and I love advocating for precious children in need of Forever Families. When Dawn asked to be apart of this amazing ministry, I could only say yes!

My family just relocated to Florida in March of 2017. It’s been such an amazing ride so far, There’s so much support in the way of Foster Care and Adoption in this state. Seas The Connection is the perfect addition for Adoptive and Foster Mama’s to have another outlet and this one includes the beach!

When Dawn originally asked me about putting on a retreat at the beach I thought it would be the perfect location to host one. I’m a California girl who grew up four miles from the ocean. It’s such a peaceful atmosphere and that’s what Seas The Connection is all about. We want you to come out and enjoy the peacefulness of the weekend with new friends, fellowship, great food and fun activities on the water.

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