Garage of Hope exists to provide hope and support to local foster families. We are a bridge that connects our community to practical needs of children and the families caring for them.  “The Garage” helps foster families with clothing, shoes, diapers, baby needs & more.





Thank you Danyelle for all you do! It is so comforting to know that the Garage of Hope is available for items my baby as well as so many others may need.


It is most common when a new foster child comes to your house that there is literally nothing in their hands. On occasion the kids will show up with a garbage bag of mismatched and dirty clothes but not anything presentable. As a Pasco foster parent, it is a relief that the Garage of Hope has my back. If I have a new kiddo show up, often I don’t even reach out or hit a store before Danyelle lets me know she has some shorts for my new kiddo waiting for me. Or when I picked up a newborn a month ago and only a couple of people knew I was even getting a new kiddo and Danyelle called me while I was still at the hospital and told me I could pick up some newborn diapers on my way home that she had grabbed me. As a foster parent the need these kids have is right in our faces and the Garage of Hope is always actively helping these kids.